Conferences and Knowledge Competitions

Every year, the teachers of our department prepare their students to participate in international and national conferences and knowledge competitions. Prior to and during the conferences, the future scientists use the opportunity to improve their skills of searching for scientific information, creating reports and presentations, speaking to a wide audience and discussing their scientific achievements. Participating in the competitions, the students of our university confidently assert the high status of a student of a higher educational institution of scientific-research type and take honorable places among students of other universities.
For detailed information on current student conferences and competitions, click on the links below:

1. The All-Ukrainian Student Conference «Innovations in science and technology». The link to the event:
2. The International Student Conference “Ukrainian and Foreign Science: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”. The link to the event:
3. The University Student Conference «World War II and Ukrainian Science: Achievements, Acquirements, Bereavements» The link to the event:
4. The Online English language, Mathematics and Physics knowledge competition. The link to the event:
5. The Online English language and Computer Science knowledge competition. The link to the event: