General provisions

1.1. The department is a basic structural subdivision of the university (its branches, educational and scientific institutes, faculties), which conducts educational, methodical and / or scientific activity in a certain specialty (specialization) or interdisciplinary group of specialties.
1.2. The department is created under the condition that it consists of at least five scientific and pedagogical workers, for whom the department is the main place of work, and at least three of them have a scientific degree or academic (honorary) title. The decision to establish the department is made by the Academic Council of the University. Based on this decision, the Rector issues an order to establish the department.
1.3. The department is part of the Faculty of Linguistics. The staff of the department consists of scientific, scientific and pedagogical, teaching and support staff, doctoral students, PhD students.
1.4. The staff list of the department is approved by the Rector of the university on the proposal of the dean of the faculty.
1.5. In its activities, the department is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, laws and other regulations of Ukraine, the Charter of Igor Sikorsky KPI, the Rules of Procedure of the Igor Sikorsky KPI and this Regulation.
1.6. Issues that are not reflected in the Regulations are resolved by the Rector in accordance with specific circumstances according to applicable law.
1.7. This Regulation is developed on the basis of a standard provision on the department of Igor Sikorsky KPI approved by order № 4-137 of June 17, 2015.