Novice teachers

The purpose of the focus group

The purpose of this group is to assist novice teachers in onboarding and gaining pedagogical, methodological and scientific experience to ensure quality education and systematic training of the new generation of highly qualified employees of Igor Sikorsky KPI.

Objectives of the working group

– advanced training of novice teachers, development of ways and means of compliance with modern didactic requirements for the use of new information technologies in the educational process;
– formation and development of theoretical and applied knowledge of the latest achievements and problems of pedagogy, psychology, teaching methods, taking into account innovative approaches in higher education;
– application of the principles of continuity and systematic acquisition of practice and experience in teaching, conducting seminars, practical classes. This is facilitated by independent creative and exploratory work, open lessons, mutual visits, participation in scientific and methodological seminars and conferences, involvement of novice teachers in scientific activities;
– development of planning skills, monitoring of students’ academic achievements, educational, scientific, methodical and creative activities.