Description of Credit Module

In the context of expanding international cooperation, implementing international agreements and programs, Ukraine’s participation in the Bologna process, there arises the need for future specialists with communicative competence in foreign languages as a component of their professional competence.
The aim of the course is to develop English-language communicative competence at a level not lower than B2, which is the standard for bachelor’s degree preparation. At this level, students are able to communicate effectively in typical educational and professional situations in accordance with the norms and cultural traditions in a particular field.
This course is important for prospective professionals as it provides them with the necessary level of knowledge, skills and abilities in English-language professional communication and ensures the effective use of English-language terminology in international cooperation, taking into account the specifics of communication within the needs of the profession. The course covers the basic needs for document management, business correspondence and industrial negotiations in English.
The general methodological approach to teaching foreign languages is defined as communicative-cognitive and professionally focused with the center of the educational process in the student – the subject of study and the prospective specialist.
The methodology of teaching a foreign language for professional purposes combines the provisions of professionally oriented communicative methodology aimed at the formation of foreign language professional communicative competence in which communication is both the ultimate goal of language learning and a means to achieve it. Practical classes are aimed at providing knowledge, developing and improving communication skills and abilities in a foreign language professional environment. Students also learn to effectively process authentic professionally oriented sources, develop and improve skills and abilities in foreign language professional written communication.