Ibunka – 2023

For several years in a row, teachers and students of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute participated in the Intercultural Virtual Exchange project Ibunka, organized by Professor Masahito Watanabe from Yokohama National University, Japan. “Ibunka” means “different cultures” in Japanese.

One of the goals of Project Ibunka has been giving young learners opportunities to reflect on current social issues and world peace etc.

This year teachers and students from Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, and South Korea, as well as 84 students and 18 teachers from Ukraine, collaborated on the project Ibunka 2023 The Final.

Within the project Ibunka 2023 The Final students from various parts of the world can make their postings on different topics and interact with each other as far as we all may have different views. All of the partner students took responsibility for posting and made a valuable contribution to the written discussion on boards. Professor Watanabe said:  “I admire the efforts of Ukraine teachers and students who have made invaluable contributions under difficult conditions.”

The teachers of the Department of English Language for Humanities, Associate Professor Hanna Kolosova and teacher Oleksandra Bondarenko were nominated as the most active teacher contributors.

Also, such teachers from the Department of English Language for Humanities as Associate Professor Kateryna Tuliakova, Associate Professor Valentyna Dibrova, and Associate Professor Yulia Kornytska together with students from IPSA, FMM, FSP made a great contribution to the project.

At the end of General Session 1, Prof. Iryna Simkova and Prof. Iryna Lytovchenko jointly made a presentation about the current Ukraine nation and the university.