KPI team won the Space Heroes CTF 2024

KPI team won the Space Heroes CTF 2024

HeroCTF is an annual online cybersecurity competition. The team of dcua of the Educational and Research Laboratory “Technical Information Security” of the Institute of FTI KPI took first place.

The competition was held by the Florida Institute of Technology in conjunction with the Hack Space Con ’24 conference at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The head of the laboratory and the team’s coach is Mykola Ilyin, PhD, associate professor.

Team members:

🔹 Bondarenko Oleksii, FB-03
🔹 Dmytro Kryhin, FB-03
🔹 Shanidze David, PB-03
🔹 Yurii Prykhodko, FB-12
🔹 Podolianko Tymofii, FB-11
🔹 Bigunenko Volodymyr, FB-34
🔹 Tsema Vlad, FB-11
🔹 Perebynos Roman, FB-22
🔹 Duduladenko Volodymyr, FB-z21mp
🔹 Kostetska Alina, FB-83