International Scientific Conference “Digital Inclusion in English Language Teaching”

The International Scientific Conference “Digital Inclusion in English Language Teaching” aims to bring together scholars, educators, researchers and practitioners to explore the latest trends, technologies, and pedagogical strategies that enhance digital inclusion in language education. We invite original and high-quality submissions that highlight research, practices, and innovative approaches related to digital inclusion in various educational contexts.

Topics of interest for the confererce include, but are not limited to:

  • innovative pedagogies and digital technologies
  • pedagogical strategies for digital inclusion
  • best practices in digital integration
  • promoting accessibility and equity in digital learning
  • advancing digital literacy in ELT
  • assessment and evaluation in e-learning
  • emerging trends and innovations in ELT
  • challenges and solutions in implementing digital strategies
  • ethical considerations in digital language education

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Authors are invited to submit original research papers or innovative practice papers.
  2. Papers should be written in English and follow APA style guidelines.
  3. Abstracts should be 3-4 pages in word format Microsoft Word, A4 (*.doc, .docx ), Times New Roman –14pt. Line Spacing – Single, Margins – 2 cm; paragraph – 1,25 cm; spacing before and after the paragraph – 0 (zero);
  4. 1st line: abstract title (bold, centered, upper case, 14);
  5. 2nd line: surname and name (centred, common capitalization, bold italics, font size 12);
  6. next line: academic title, current position, affiliation, city, country (centred, italic, 12) through 1 spacing: text;
  7. all the references list entries should be formatted according to requirements of the APA standard ( the last line: abstract title, surname and name in Ukrainian.


Please submit your paper to  by the deadline of May 12, 2024